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    What They Say

    We've worked with P+A to deliver a complicated project requiring communications at several levels - with City Hall, stakeholders, neighborhood leaders, the community, special interest groups, you name it. The P+A team has stayed on top of every detail providing good strategies for keeping everyone informed, which has kept the project on track and moving forward.
    Meghan Jansen's extensive experience and communications expertise make P+A an asset at the planning, design, and construction stages of any project.
    Jason Parson has a well-deserved reputation for dedication, thoroughness and thoughtfulness in service to his clients. He brings a unique set of talents and contacts in the community. I would highly recommend him and his company to assist in any major community undertaking.
    P+A coalition-building and communications skills played a critical role in reaching Kansas City residents and successfully passing the Capital Improvements Sales Tax Renewal.



    Our team has helped keep Kansas City residents aware of all updates on this project.
    Public Relations
    Stakeholder Coordination
    P+A helped facilitate communications about this critical update to the Centennial Bridge.
    Material Development
    We helped coordinate much-needed improvements to a KCPD campus.
    Improvement Identification
    Development Opportunities

    About Parson & Associates

    People do best what they love to do. It’s about passion.

    At Parson + Associates (P+A), this isn’t a buzzword to be casually thrown around. Passion is a living quality that is ingrained, innate and displayed. From community projects to established non-profits, small businesses to statewide initiatives, we do more than simply provide services; we champion ideas, cultivate relationships and tailor communication strategies that will engage your audience and contribute to your project’s success.

    Our passion for what we do has led to years of industry experience, with particular strengths in transportation, transit and infrastructure projects. The Parson + Associates team members thrive in environments where an understanding of public and private interests is critical to managing expectations, advancing ideas, facilitating meaningful discussions and reaching consensus around viable outcomes.

    For us, it’s not enough to bring passion to our projects – at P+A it’s the passion that brings us.

    KCMO Downtown Streetcar Construction
    The Ken is proud to serve a community of 2000 creatives, artists and startups.
    50+ Shortcodes
    Everything is there. We deliver new ones in every major updates.
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    We have tuned the layout, shortcodes, sliders and every element to meet the highest responsive standards.
    Cultivating Relationships

    We provide strategic project management and professional communications to bridge the gap between your organization and the community.

    Bringing Communities Together

    We are your connection to your audience, keeping locals fully-informed about projects that could impact – and improve – their lives.

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