Why P+A

Why Work with Parson + Associates?

At P+A, rather than a disengaged, unapproachable public relations firm, we are proud to be your strategic partner. We are right there at the table with you, committed to understanding your business and helping you make key decisions that will impact the future of not only your company, but of Kansas City. Beyond public relations and marketing, we are a part of your team.

We encourage you to read our comprehensive Capability Statement and some of the things our clients, colleagues and the public have to say.

We've worked with P+A to deliver a complicated project requiring communications at several levels - with City Hall, stakeholders, neighborhood leaders, the community, special interest groups, you name it. The P+A team has stayed on top of every detail providing good strategies for keeping everyone informed, which has kept the project on track and moving forward.
Meghan Jansen's extensive experience and communications expertise make P+A an asset at the planning, design, and construction stages of any project.
Jason Parson has a well-deserved reputation for dedication, thoroughness and thoughtfulness in service to his clients. He brings a unique set of talents and contacts in the community. I would highly recommend him and his company to assist in any major community undertaking.
P+A coalition-building and communications skills played a critical role in reaching Kansas City residents and successfully passing the Capital Improvements Sales Tax Renewal.