Parson & Associates was happy to help coordinate a special Section 3 Networking Open House Event at their new office building on Tuesday, May 15. The networking event was designed to connect Section 3 Certified residents and businesses with engineers and architects who are contracted on the East Patrol Division Station and Crime Lab Campus project. The event provided a unique opportunity for Section 3 Certified residents and businesses to connect with the designers of the project while it is still in the early stages of development.

“What a wonderful and informative meeting regarding Section 3,” said Yolonda Marshall, who attended the event and expressed her interest in any deconstruction contracts that become available in connection with the project.

The capital improvement project will put community members and firms to work, and Parson & Associates felt it was crucial to connect Section 3 residents and businesses directly with the design teams on the project.  The East Campus project is located on Prospect Avenue between 26th and 27th Streets on the north and south and Brooklyn and Prospect Avenues on the west and east, and the intention is that many of the Section 3 residents and businesses hired for the project will be from around that area as well as surrounding communities.

“We were grateful to have such a great turnout,” said Jason Parson. “We also had members of the local media attend and further spread news of the event and the East Campus project.”

Watch coverage of the event by KCTV-5 by clicking the following link:  KCTV-5 Coverage of East Campus Project Open House.

For more information about the Section 3 program and how to become a Section 3 Certifiied resident or business, check out the following link:  City of Kansas City Section 3 Office.