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Congratulations to Dr. R. Stephen Green, Ed. D., who today was named as Superintendent of Schools for the Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS). By a unanimous vote by the KCPS Board of Directors, Dr. Green shifts from serving as the interim superintendent since September 2011 to superintendent of the school district, providing important stability and steady leadership at a critical time when the school district is head-down and steadily closing the gap on its immediate goal of re-accreditation.

Dr. R. Stephen Green is named Superintendent of the Kansas City Public Schools.

Dr. R. Stephen Green is named Superintendent of the Kansas City Public Schools.

Dr. Green today pledged to commit his “time, talent, and tenacity” to make sure the district meets its goals in order to regain the public trust and maintain transparency. He indicated he is committed to staying as long as it takes — not just to regain accreditation but to regain prominence in the area.

“I am part of this community now, I have been for seven years, I will continue to be a part of this community, I’m here for the long haul,” Dr. Green said to reassure parents and the community. “This constant roll-over and instability and inconsistency will come to an end, and we will be able to sustain and build on the future going forward. [Parents] can hold us accountable. We will be very transparent; they will be able to watch us work, and hopefully engage with us as we continue our uphill climb.”

The KCPS Board selected Dr. Green for the role of superintendent for a number of reasons as articulated at a press conference today, among which is “his unparalleled ability to engage with and involve the community.”