small logo for online surveyThe Parson Team is excited to play a part in the Marlborough Catalyst Project.  Spearheaded by the Marlborough Community Coalition and BNIM, the Marlborough Catalyst Project will provide a consensus-building process for the five neighborhoods of Marlborough.The five neighborhoods that make up the Marlborough community are: Battleflood Heights; Walnut Grove; Marlborough Renaissance; Marlborough Pride; and Marlborough East.The goal is to create a common vision and identity, while prioritizing projects, programs, and partnerships that contribute the highest value to the interconnected systems of:

  • Mobility.
  • New development and redevelopment projects, including the reuse of vacant parcels.
  • Culture, arts and social systems.
  • Access to healthy food.
  • Adaptive reuse of historic buildings, such as the Marlborough School.

The planning process will get the community’s first top-priority projects started as soon as possible. It will do this by creating a clear path of steps to take, including the identification of responsible parties and sources for funding. In order to accomplish this goal, the project team needs help from as many Marlborough residents as possible.

The Marlborough Catalyst project has many exciting events happening during the month of July and all are welcome to participate:Bread Flyer Image

  1. Volunteer to go on a door-to-door community campaign on July 13th to hear and record the neighborhoods’priorities for a thriving community. More information can be found on the Marlborough Catalyst Facebook page.
  2. Enter the 5 Marlborough neighborhoods, all-ages photography competition, and help spread the word. More information can be found on the Marlborough Catalyst Facebook page. Competition ends July 20th.
  3. Attend the Recreation Express party at the Marlborough Community Center (8200 Paseo) on July 25th, -8:30p to talk with team members and share your Marlborough thoughts. This is another great opportunity for the project team to interview community members about the future of Marlborough.
  4. Take part in the BREAD! KC arts dinner on SaturdayJuly27th, 4-8pm. This fun and delicious event will include food prepared by local chefs, and a make-a-difference idea competition. At the end of the meal the audience will vote to decide who receives funding to make their idea happen. More information can be found on the Marlborough Catalyst Facebook page. You can sign-up to be an attendee or an idea competitor.

All those interested are encouraged to email the Marlborough Community Coalition at, or visit the Marlborough Catalyst and Marlborough Community Coalition Facebook pages.