The Parson & Associates team is excited to play a role in the next round of Kansas City streetcar discussions. The Kansas City City Council recently approved the $1.89 million dollar contract held by Kansas City-based architecture firm BNIM.  We are also honored to be working alongside Kansas City engineering and architecture firm HNTB Corp., engineering and architecture firm HDR Inc. as well as 10 other sub-consultants assisting with various other aspects of this corridor study.

Parson & Associates, alongside Draper Communications and Vireo, is responsible for the public outreach and community engagement necessary to do a proper assessment and study of a streetcar system on select east/west bound routes.  Work is anticipated to take between 10 months and a year to complete, which means this project is following a very aggressive schedule and moving fast in order to talk to as many stakeholders as possible. This is an exciting time for Kansas City as it seizes the many opportunities that are coming online.