More than 70 people participated in a workshop on December 4th to consider new concepts for sustainable redevelopment along Troost Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. Stakeholders from neighborhood associations joined residents, civic leaders, and business owners to review market data and make informed recommendations.

Troost Avenue is one of six regional corridors selected for study by the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) with proceeds from a federal grant. The program is called “Creating Sustainable Places.”

The workshop focused on two key intersections: Troost at Armour Boulevard, and 63rd Street at the site of The Landing. Participants learned that the region will experience an increase of 800,000 new residents over the next two decades. The majority of these new residents will not have children living at home. Working together in small groups, community members developed big ideas that built upon the recently completed transit improvements along Troost Avenue.

Parson & Associates is a member of the consultant team led by Collins & Noteis, and Taliaferro and Browne. An interactive website powered by MindMixer allows you to see the presentation and contribute your ideas: