I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little bit star struck when attending the recent premier of the movie “42, The Jackie Robinson Story”.  It seemed everyone came out for this special gala event, which helped to raise money for the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and the Kansas City Sports Commission.

From baseball players to movie stars to Kansas City’s elected officials, everyone came together at the AMC BarryWoods Theater to recognize and pay tribute to the life and triumphs of a baseball legend, Jackie Robinson.  I was honored and fortunate to meet several of those greats such as Lou Brock and George Brett (I wasn’t able to get close enough to Harrison Ford).


It was heartwarming to see such support for this movie and what it represents. It wasn’t that long ago that we were fighting against these constraints, both on and off the baseball diamond.  Jackie Robinson was truly a pioneer for a whole generation of people and broke barriers that went far beyond the sports world. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie “42” and felt that it did do justice to this part of our recent history. If you are looking for some weekend plans, I highly recommend seeing this movie.

Thank you, Jackie Robinson.

~ Jason Robert Parson