You may have noticed large groups of people walking along, and between, Troost Ave, from 79th to 85th Streets this weekend. No, it wasn’t for a protest or any other unfavorable behavior. It was for the annual Marlborough Community clean up.

Betty Ost-Everly (MCC) and Jason Parson (Parson & Associates) at the annual Marlborough Community Cleanup.

On Saturday, April 6, more than 80 volunteers came out to lend a hand for the 4th annual Marlborough Community Clean up.  The morning convened at the Center Alternative School at 85th and The Paseo, with groups traveling north from there with the mission to pick up trash and bag up recyclables.  This was the first year the group has enough manpower to help clean up the Battleflood Heights neighborhood near 79th and Troost Ave.

Parson & Associates was honored to be part of this event thanks to our partnership with BNIM Architects on the Marlborough Catalyst project , which is sponsored by the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC). Other groups that helped out  with the community clean up included:

  • Urban YoungLife with Leader Leonard Davis
  • Center School District Administrators, Staff and Students
  • Marlborough Community Coalition Board Members
  • Members of the Blue River Watershed

This was only one of the many community cleanups around the metro area this weekend.  Volunteers could be found in all corners of the Greater Kansas City area picking up trash and clearing the debris. Spring has sprung in this part of Kansas City.